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Devon Blow


The notion that I’m allowed to exist, that its not a burden for me to take up space or CREATE space for myself is a lesson that has taken me a very long time to learn. My existence doesn’t require anyone else’s approval, and neither does YOURS.

So repeat after me:

“My own comfort is my first priority. My existence doesn’t require anybody else’s approval. I AM ALLOWED TO TAKE UP SPACE.”

Why EVERYBODY Loves Lizzo

Devon Blow


If you’re not familiar with her GREATNESS, Melissa “Lizzo” Jefferson, then you have not been paying attention for the past few months.

While Lizzo’s first studio release was way back in 2013, she is experience a HUGE wave of recent viral success. Her song “Truth Hurts” recently hit was is referred to as a “viral sleeper” status being that the song was originally released in 2017 but gained recent streaming and radio success and the Number One spot on Billboard 100 list.

Lizzo’s songs are not only bangers, toe tappers, and twerk inducers - they are also filled with female empowering lyrics with topics such as self love, body positivity and confidence.

I love Lizzo so much, I included her in my “A Self Care for Homegirls Journal”, because WHY WOULDN’T I?

I can’t wait to see what Lizzo does next!